Bristol Slutwalk 2011

I made a Slutwalk Video!

I headed up to the Slutwalk yesterday (1st October 2011). You can read about the origins of Slutwalking all round the internet. I knew why I was going, it’s an anti-rape demo, it’s a we can wear what we like demo, but I really wanted to get a range of perspectives and thoughts.

Whilst we were waiting for the demo to kick off, I chatted to some off the participants and made a video I’ve titled Slutwalk Bristol 2011 – Opinions and ideas from the slutwalkers. It was so much fun to make and I hope also to watch. The event was so good, such a serious subject but so entertaining to be part of. Thanks everyone who took part in the this, and specifically those who let me film them and agreed to the use footage. I hope I’ve represented what you had to say well. Here’s some pics to try to tempt you to watch my vid, in case you weren’t going to already…

I’ve licensed the video under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Sharealike License. I will take breaches of this license most seriously indeed, and experience a deep warm inner joy if people empower themselves to play the video to lots of people because of the license. Do it. Do it large.

I’m hoping this video is going to be featured on the The F Word website! Source material is available. Contact me.

One more thing – this video was edited and rendered using an entirely Open Source / Free Software environment. Kdenlive was the editor/renderer used which I found to fully rock.

Thin Sound At Long Last

The Problem

We’ve had a “problem” with our LTSP suite – the thin clients we use in our office haven’t been playing the sound from Youtube videos. I don’t really pay much heed to problems with proprietary software issues. “It’s broken because its proprietary” is my usual response. In addition, the idea of enabling a company that I want to be productive to watch (and actually listen) to stuff on Internet’s own brain candy gogglebox doesn’t seem a good idea. We needed it for a client though, so I did it. Continue reading