First Post – The Past

The first step after getting a new blog has been to import my old blog from. WordPress made that easy with its import and export features.

So why the new blog? I need to answer another question first…  Why the old blog? Well, I hoped to have an outlet for my creative projects and for my geek fu. I think this was a success. I wrote a measly four articles, but attracted a bit of feedback for one. Fun, but I think I can do better. Though I like doing things, dancing, geeking it up, walking, cycling, gardening and whatever in terms of producing pleasurable moments, writing articles doesn’t really cut it.

Squeezing out the confused activity of 100 billion neurons out through a keyboard is a chanllenge for the most linguistic of us, and that category does include me. Writing is a headache. So the the solution for me, I’m hoping, is to get paid a bit. Network 23 offer an anonymous blogging, a much needed and sought after service. You can read all about that on their about page. With all forms anonymity and security, there’s a cost, be it in faff, limitation, scope or exclusivity. In short, I can’t have ads on Network 23, I can here.

What will become of Shatner’s Bassoon? I’m hoping to keep her on as a sister blog. People should still have a chance to read some of the more important posts from blogs in a secure and unmonitored way if they want. Also, if something I say does offend someone and legal action is brewing, I want to be hosted with an organization who will try their best to protect me. To quote Network 23:

If we receive a legally binding take down notice we will contact you and try to support you. We don’t hold personal details apart from your email so that is the only information that we can be forced to hand over. We don’t guarantee to keep up a website if there are serious legal implications but this may change if we find people who are prepared to do legal work on your behalf.

Sounds like a sound policy to me. The policy for these blogs at Xtreamlab is yet to be decided, but it will include adverts so I’ve heard.

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